Dear Valued Customer or Supplier:

Recent news of the Coronavirus has many organizations asking how this may affect their organization, and more specifically the supply chain.  In response to questions and concerns related to the effect of the Coronavirus, Brimar Packaging USA wants you to know:

  1. All raw materials used to manufacture the products produced by Brimar Packaging USA are produced and purchased from domestic manufacturers in the USA.
  2. We do not currently purchase any raw materials sourced from China in our manufacturing processes.
  3. At this time, we do not expect supply disruptions due to the Coronavirus.
  4. Currently, supply chains are in good standing and are not in a state of risk. We are managing this matter with the attention it deserves and we are currently in the position to maintain normal supply to customers.
  5. Obviously, this is an evolving situation but one we believe to be temporary. We will keep all of our customers informed should there be an issue with or interruption to raw material supply due to any quarantine resulting from the continued spread of the Coronavirus contagion.
  6. As a note, restrictions, and guidelines are in place at our facility to further help with the containment of this virus.

We value your partnership and thank you for your business.
From your Team at Brimar Packaging USA. 

| If you have any questions, please call us at 800-696-3080.