Folding Boxes

Brimar Packaging USA can also supply a wide variety of packaging solutions made of thin cardboard or paperboard. This family of packaging includes folding boxes, counter displays, sleeves and belly bands, and die cut inserts just to name a few.


Our folding boxes can be made from a variety of cardboard materials in a wide range of thicknesses. We use Kraft or Chip colored paperboard for Industrial applications or environmentally conscious applications. We’ll use White Clay Coated News Back (WCCNB) or White Clay Coated Kraft Back (WCCKB) for applications where the folding boxes need to be white on the outside and cost is important. For retail grade folding boxes, where four color process printing is needed, we’ll use Solid Bleach Sulfate (SBS) paperboard.

Folding Box Materials
Folding Boxes Industries Served

Industries Served

Industries Brimar has served range from large department stores as well as small, mom-and-pop shops.  Our folding boxes can be seen in candy shops, department store cosmetics cases, houseware and grocery stores, medical distributors, toys and sporting goods stores, and many more.


With decades of design experience, or Brimar team has pretty much seen it all. We can walk any customer through the design process, from concept to finished product. We’ve satisfied strict requirements from major retailers and we’ve refreshed many brands. Brimar can design and develop prototypes for you to see firsthand what your folding box will look like before manufacturing.


We are always expanding our capabilities. We’ve supplied folding cartons printed 7 colors + aqueous. Our folding boxes can be die cut, folded, and glued. They can contain transparent windows. We can add a matte or high gloss UV coating. We can even foil stamp, emboss, or deboss your folding boxes. Whatever graphics, cutting, folding, or gluing you require for your folding cartons, Brimar can supply it. Let Brimar consult, design, prototype, and supply your folding boxes with perfect quality, old-fashioned customer service, and competitive prices.

Styles of Folding boxes

With a versatile line of equipment available, Brimar can supply many different styles of folding boxes:

  • Auto Bottom Boxes
  • Countertop Displays
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Reverse Tuck
  • Simplex Tray
  • Sleeves
  • Snap Lock Bottoms
  • Straight Tuck

Gallery of Folding Boxes