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About Us

Brimar Packaging was founded in 1993. We specialize in manufacturing custom, set-up boxes, vinyl boxes, inserts, and specialty boxes. We’re a family owned located in Elyria, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. We have enjoyed dramatic growth throughout our history because of our unwavering focus on our customers’ needs. Many of our employees have served in the set-up box industry for more than 20 years. This mix of knowledgeable veterans and energetic newcomers has given us a distinct advantage over our old-line competitors.

Our goal is to bring service back to an industry that has forgotten how to satisfy customers. Our service, along with competitive pricing and outstanding quality, has allowed us to expand into the national marketplace. With nearly 75% of our boxes shipping outside of Ohio, Brimar’s customer base ranges from corner stores in California to Fortune 500 corporations in New York and every state in between.
Our boxes can be readily found in candy stores, department stores, and boutiques throughout the United States. They are also commonly used behind the scenes as storage boxes on manufacturers’ shelves and as inserts inside products to provide protection and stability.

We pride ourselves on knowing that we constantly provide excellent service and the highest quality boxes. Our deep commitment to this philosophy has not only earned us great respect from our customers, but from our competitors as well.

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