Custom Box Inserts

Made for those bits and pieces, box inserts will hold it all together

Any box that Brimar manufacturers makes can contain custom box inserts.

Since Brimar is a custom box insert manufacturer, we can secure your product perfectly in your box using one of our inserts.

If your product needs to be secured or presented in your custom box, Brimar can design and manufacture custom inserts to do the job.

You can have custom inserts made of chipboard, peachboard, vinyl, foam, and vacuum formed plastic. The material we use to manufacture your custom inserts depends on what your product is and the quantity of your order.

Since we are custom box manufacturers first, we seldom manufacture inserts without also manufacturing your boxes.

However, if you have already purchased your boxes elsewhere, and you need custom inserts, please feel free to contact us for a custom insert solution.

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Chipboard Platform Inserts

Chipboard Platform Inserts

If you require a filler to raise your product off the bottom of your box, then a chipboard platform insert is an inexpensive and effective solution. Gift certificate boxes commonly contain chipboard platforms inserts. The chipboard used for platform inserts ranges from .030″ to .100″ and comes in chip, white, chocolate, and black. Chipboard platform inserts can also be laminated with a printed or plain paper.

Since we manufacture chipboard platform inserts using specialized equipment that does not require a cutting die, it is an inexpensive alternative to die cut chipboard inserts. However, if you require any die cuts or registered printing on the surface of your insert, then you will require a die cut chipboard insert.