Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes

Set Up Boxes

Premium quality set up boxes, also called rigid boxes or paper boxes, are by far Brimar’s most popular box style. In fact, we make millions of set up boxes every year. A set up box is a two piece cardboard box that cannot be broken down flat without it being destroyed. Think of a game box, like Monopoly®. We manufacture our paper boxes using a variety of materials on several types of specialized machinery that automatically wraps and glues paper around a cardboard tray to create your custom rigid boxes. Because of Brimar’s manufacturing range and experience, Brimar set up boxes are popular in both retail and industrial applications.

We can make rigid set up boxes as small as 1.25″L x 0.75″W x 0.5″D to hold a ring or a bearing or a bug. We can also make paper boxes as large as 22″L x 15″W x 7″D to hold a jacket or a diamond grinding wheel or a car part. Brimar’s minimum quantity for manufacturing custom set up boxes is usually 500 boxes, but this minimum can vary depending on your project specifications.

Set up boxes add value



Place a flaky pastry in thin, light weight whimsically printed set up boxes with a pastel color pallet for an elegant and glamorous retail solution. Use strong and durable industrial set up boxes made of thick, sturdy cardboard to protect your heavy, cast iron machinery part. In both industries, set up boxes add tremendous value to your products so you can maximize your profits, reduce your breakage, and increase the value of your brand.

set up boxes - World Top 4

Your customers will consciously transfer the high quality of Brimar set up boxes to your products, adding value and ensuring your customers that they are buying a quality product. If set up boxes have one quality everybody can agree on, it is that they look fantastic. They have no unsightly, raw edges, and rigid set up boxes won’t come apart like other, inferior styles of flat, folded packaging. Brimar has manufactured stunning set up boxes for famous chefs, world famous clothing designers, best selling authors, and even three US Presidents.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Vacuum Formed Insert

Do you have an unusually shaped product or a variety of products that need to be packaged together? No problem. We’ll design and manufacture the perfect package for you using a set-up box and a custom insert. Our team has designed inserts made of crinkle paper, wood wool, jeweler’s fiber, die-cut peachboard or foam, assembled partitions, and vacuum formed plastic just to name a few. Do you want to use the same box to package many different products? No problem. Let us design your solution consisting of different printed cover wraps or printed belly bands along with multiple inserts. This is where our 25+ years of design and manufacturing knowledge comes in handy. We’ve seen it all, so we can design a perfect package for your product.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Brimar’s two piece rigid set-up boxes are made of recycled cardboard, recycled paper, recycled tape, and non-solvent glue and inks. That offers you a packaging solution that is extremely eco-friendly. We can also create for you a completely recycled natural kraft looking set-up box by using natural kraft paper and natural chip colored cardboard. It’s a perfect solution if you’re concerned about the environment and want to project that concern in your company’s brand.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Government

Recent efforts to increase manufacturing in America have made it easier for you to source set-up boxes in the USA rather than waiting for boxes to ship from overseas. Being an American manufacturer is an honor and a privilege that we don’t take for granted. We’re proud to support the American workforce by buying American made materials, operating American made machinery, and employing hard working Americans. Let us show you how easy, competitive, and stress free it can be to buy set-up boxes made in the USA.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Saw Blade Box and Cosmetic Box

As your labor rates increase, your profit margins become tighter, or you raise your prices. Set-up boxes have always lowered retail and industrial labor costs and helped increase your profit margins. Set-up boxes consist of a bottom and cover, and they cannot be broken down flat without destroying them. You will not have to assemble the box in order to package your product. That helps set-up boxes lower your labor costs because no assembly is required.

Flexible Packaging

Since Brimar operates specialized equipment to manufacture set-up boxes, we do not need tooling to make most of your set-up boxes. That makes it very easy for you to make size changes without having to purchase new tooling. You can also purchase smaller test quantities before making large quantity commitments.



Chipboard is the cardboard we use to manufacture your set-up boxes. Brimar stocks cardboard in four standard colors. They are retail grade bright white, deep died black, rich chocolate, and natural chip (tan/grey). The cardboard color is an important choice because it will be the color of the exposed cardboard on the inside of your boxes. Other colors can be created for your boxes if we laminate a paper to cover the exposed cardboard inside the box.

Cardboard thicknesses range from very thin and light 0.030″ (30pt) to heavy and stiff 0.100″ (100pt). The set-up box size, the weight of the products, the “hand-feel” or perceived value required, the cost, your brand, and many other factors are taken into consideration when choosing the thickness of cardboard to use when we manufacture your boxes.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Chipboard

If chipboard is the skeleton for your set-up box, then the paper is the skin. We call the paper we use to cover a set-up box the box wrap. Think of how many different choices of gift wrapping papers exist in the world. Add that list of millions of papers to solid color papers, custom printed papers, foil papers, laminated papers, embossed papers, matte papers, and gloss papers. You can probably begin to guess that your paper choices for a set-up box wrap are literally endless and customizable.

Plain Gloss Paper

For a bright, clean appearance, choose a plain gloss paper for your box. There are several shades of every major color available. If the perfect shade is not available, then you can print white paper to exactly match the color you desire. Your set-up box will look classy and clean when you choose a plain gloss paper.

Red Gloss Paper on Set Up Boxes
Plain Matte Paper

For a natural, soft appearance, choose a plain matte paper for your box. There are several shades of every major color available. If the perfect shade is not available, then you can print white paper to exactly match the color you desire. Your set-up box will look earthy and elegant when you choose a plain matte paper.

Kraft Paper on Set Up Boxes
Foil Paper

Foil papers are unmatched for their elegance. When your box needs to look delicate and classy, choose a plain or embossed foil paper. Foils are available in many colors, embossing patterns, and finishes. Bright foils add a clean, modern look, while dull foils will make your box look soft and delicate.

Assorted Foil Paper on Set Up Boxes
Embossed Paper

Any paper or foil can have a texture or embossing pattern. A texture will give your set-up box a specific feel and appearance. Deeper embossing patterns will give your set-up box a heavier feel, while subtle embossing patterns offer a delicate feel. Add a leather, linen, groove, or other embossing pattern to give your set-up box a specific look.

Embossed Paper on Set Up Boxes
Themed and Patterned Paper

Choose from thousands of theme or patterned papers. Theme papers for set-up boxes are as abundant as giftwrap. Birthday, Christmas, patriotic, animal, sports, and baby themes are just a few examples of the thousands of theme papers available for your box. Patterned papers for these boxes are equally as abundant. Stripes, florals, polka dots, marbles, leathers, and many more patterns are available to give your box a custom look without the added expense of custom graphics.

When combining specialty papers with a variety graphics, you can create a unique appearance for your box that will add value and distinction to your product line.

Theme Paper on Set Up Boxes


Graphics can make or break your set-up box. Add a simple, one-color line art logo or a vibrant, four-color photographic image to your box. Brimar Packaging offers process printing, foil stamping, and embossing for your set-up box, inside and out. Plus varnish, aqueous, UV coatings, and film lamination can be added if needed. The options for your box are limited only by your imagination.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Process Printing
Process Printing

You can add graphics to your set-up box with conventional printing. One or two color line art on white or colored paper is most cost effective. But it’s the rich, four-color process, photographic images on your box that catches the consumers’ eye.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Embossing
Embossing and Debossing

Through embossing or debossing, Brimar can add texture by raising your graphics off your box. You can add any pigmented or shiny foil stamping on top of the embossing, or keep it “blind” for a classic, elegant appearance. Blind embossing is the creation of a raised image that is not foil stamped, and the resulting raised image is the same color as the paper. Create a picture through texture with blind embossing. Embossing your box will add value and class.

Two Piece Rigid Set Up Boxes - Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping

Add a look of distinction to your set-up box with foil stamping. With foil stamping, you can achieve a brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink. A wide spectrum of matte, gloss, metallic, or holographic foils are available. Combine the perfect foil color with one of thousands of colored, patterned or theme papers to achieve a look that fits your corporate image.

Gloss Black Coating on Set Up Boxes

You can add a layer of protection or a gloss or matte finish to your set-up box by coating the printed wrap. Choices of coatings include varnish, aqueous, UV or film lamination. For simple logos, varnish often adds enough extra protection to prevent the printing from rubbing off your set-up box. Aqueous coating is a harder coating and offers the protection needed on heavy print coverage. UV coating really makes the difference by making the images pop off the paper. Film lamination is used to provide protection when no other coating will do.

Adding graphics will increase your product’s value, communicate product information, establish brand recognition, convey marketing messages, and separate your product from your competitors’. Why settle for a plain “box”, when graphics can be added for a minimal charge to create a great “package”!