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Set up boxes, also known as rigid boxes, add a premium touch to your products

Premium quality set up boxes, also called rigid boxes or paper boxes, are by far Brimar’s most popular box style. In fact, we make millions of set up boxes every year. A set up box is a two piece cardboard box that cannot be broken down flat without it being destroyed. Think of a game box, like Monopoly®. We manufacture our paper boxes using a variety of materials on several types of specialized machinery that automatically wraps and glues paper around a cardboard tray to create your custom rigid boxes. Because of Brimar’s manufacturing range and experience, Brimar set up boxes are popular in both retail and industrial applications. We can make rigid set up boxes as small as 1.25″L x 0.75″W x 0.5″D to hold a ring or a bearing or a bug. We can also make paper boxes as large as 22″L x 15″W x 7″D to hold a jacket or a diamond grinding wheel or a car part. Brimar’s minimum quantity for manufacturing custom set up boxes is usually 500 boxes, but this minimum can vary depending on your project specifications.

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Place a flaky pastry in thin, light weight whimsically printed set up boxes with a pastel color pallet for an elegant and glamorous retail solution. Use strong and durable industrial set up boxes made of thick, sturdy cardboard to protect your heavy, cast iron machinery part. In both industries, set up boxes add tremendous value to your products so you can maximize your profits, reduce your breakage, and increase the value of your brand.

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Your customers will consciously transfer the high quality of Brimar set up boxes to your products, adding value and ensuring your customers that they are buying a quality product. If set up boxes have one quality everybody can agree on, it is that they look fantastic. They have no unsightly, raw edges, and rigid set up boxes won’t come apart like other, inferior styles of flat, folded packaging. Brimar has manufactured stunning set up boxes for famous chefs, world famous clothing designers, best selling authors, and even three US Presidents.