Stationery Boxes

Premium material quality makes a difference

Brimar manufactures greeting card boxes for small manufacturers working out of their home, as well as large corporations with global distribution. Our set-up boxes or vinyl boxes are perfect for greeting cards.

As you know, the stationery and greeting card industry is alive and well, and you can set yourself a part from other card manufacturers with beautifully designed and crafted greeting card boxes.

The materials you source for your greeting cards are high quality, and you can expect the same caliber from Brimar Packaging.

We only use 100% American made raw materials and pride ourselves in our domestic production. If you are an American greeting card manufacturer, you need premium boxes made in the US too.

The choices you have in style, material, construction, color, and graphics are endless at Brimar. Everything we make is custom made for you and your products. If you can think of something truly unique, we can make it happen.

In addition to greeting cards and stationery boxes, we also have years of experience producing boxes for other paper goods. We can also make custom initiation boxes, label boxes, and business card boxes.

Whatever your paper box needs are, we can find a solution and build you an incredibly crafted American made box.

Colored Paper Stationery Boxes

Greeting Card Boxes

Quality set-up boxes, also called rigid boxes or paper boxes, are a sophisticated style of greeting card box. With a non-collapsible chipboard bottom and cover, they are one of the strongest, yet sophisticated styles of greeting card boxes available today.

Brimar’s quality vinyl boxes, also called PVC boxes or clear two-piece boxes, are another great choice for greeting card boxes. Vinyl boxes provide an elegant package for the greeting cards that sell themselves. Brimar manufactures vinyl greeting card boxes that have chipboard bottoms that are closed with a vinyl lid, or that have completely clear bottoms and lids.

Greeting Card Boxes

Invitation Boxes

Invitation Boxes

Invitation boxes are another Brimar specialty. Set-up boxes are great solutions when powerful graphics are needed on your invitation box. Set-up invitation boxes have a chipboard bottom and lid, and they do not collapse flat. They are durable and sophisticated, and they can have beautiful and attractive messaging.

Vinyl invitation boxes are perfect for specialty invitations that you want to jump right out at the recipient. With a chipboard or clear bottom that closes with a clear vinyl lid, vinyl invitation boxes are an inexpensive, yet sophisticated package.

These can be used for attracting new customers with personalized mail pieces, or used for wedding and party invitations.

Label Boxes

Set-up boxes are perfect to package your labels. The two-piece style of a set-up label box is ideal for protecting your labels and adding value. For additional distinction, you can add graphics and a hinge to your label box.

Vinyl boxes are also ideal for label boxes. The clear lids allow your customers to see exactly what labels they are about to purchase. Let your labels sell themselves by packaging them in a vinyl label box.

Custom Label Boxes
Business Card Box

Business Card Boxes

Brimar can package your business cards in several types of business card box. A standard set-up box is a sophisticated style of business card box that adds value to your product. Try a specialty box, called a plain stay, for the most cost effective business card box. Even a vinyl lid box can be used to easily identify which business card is contained in each box.