There is a lot to consider when choosing the right packaging partner. Here’s our list of questions you should ask yourself about your perfect box manufacturer:


Can you have whatever you want, and can they bring your vision to life? If intentional thought and design has gone into the production of your products, the same attention should be given to the selection of your packaging. You manufacture products that are distinctive and require unique specifications.

Customer service

Do you get to actually talk to a real person, or are you left to just answer your own questions? You should be able to ask as many questions as necessary and get answers from the customer service rep you spoke with. You should feel cared for and that you are just as important as any other client. If you feel like you are getting pushed aside, it might be time to consider a new packaging supplier.

Minimum runs

Do they create a barrier for small and mid-size manufacturers, or do they offer solutions for all sizes of runs? A custom packaging manufacturer with the right amount of experience and years in the business should be able to offer solutions for both small quantity runs and large scalable productions.

Raw materials

Do they source the highest quality materials, and are their materials made in the US? Ensure your intricately designed and carefully crafted products are not falling victim to poor raw materials packaging. The quality and rigidity of your packaging will determine perceived brand value of your products. Cheap materials can easily be spotted, but quality, American made materials are unmistakable.


Is there a consciousness and awareness for environmental responsibility? If you can, try to find a packaging manufacturer that has a responsible approach to sustainability. Check to see if eco-friendly materials and post-consumer waste materials are available for your products.

Manufacturing location

Are they centrally located in the US, and can they easily ship your boxes with a quick turnaround? One of the biggest downfalls manufacturers experience when working with packaging manufacturers overseas is the lag time it takes to turn around orders. You must ask yourself if your business can really afford to delay weeks, as opposed to days, to receive products turned around. A company that is centrally located in the US is a great alternative!

Freight options

Can they extend competitive pricing for FTL and LTL? Speaking of the cost of doing long-distance business, you will want to make sure you can also receive the best shipping rates possible. For manufacturers that have been in the business for a long time, they can leverage their discounts and special pricing for freight – saving you dollars on your orders.

Warehouse availability

Are there options for warehousing or pulling cases at a time, saving you space and lowering your costs? One huge advantage you can leverage from choosing a packaging manufacturer with warehouse availability is saving space in your facility. Even if you have the needs and capabilities to run large orders, you may not have the space for pallets of boxes to just sit for months on end. If you can have product sit with your packaging manufacturer and pull cases as needed, you can save yourself money and free up space in your plant.

Age of business

Are they experienced and have navigated all kinds of projects, and leveraged how to make the best boxes at competitive prices here on American soil? Businesses who have been making boxes for decades will have the true experiential advantage when producing custom boxes for your products. The attention to detail and knowledge of logistics will set you up on the right foot, and not have you backtracking on poorly delivered orders.

Industry specialty

Do they understand the unique challenges of your industry, and know how to incorporate all the necessary features for your specific types of products? From candy boxes to laboratory boxes, each design for each industry demands specific knowledge of what needs to go into each and every box. Make sure you select a box manufacturer that has worked in your industry and understands your needs and every detail.

Choosing the right one

You need a packaging partner who will be with you from start to finish and help you get the boxes your products deserve. At Brimar, we have dedicated the last 25 years to making premium packaging to store, ship, and showcase your products better than you ever imagined. Your products have been specially crafted, and your boxes should be too.