Always American Made

In 1993, we set out to create the best American box manufacturer with the best customer service. Over 25 years later, and that remains our mission.

We believe good American products belong in artfully-crafted, American made boxes. We work hard to support our US workers, and keep our supply chains here at home. Everything we produce comes out of the heart of the Midwest at our facility in Elyria, Ohio, near Cleveland.

We believe in hard work, dedication, craftsmanship, and most importantly, superior customer service. We put you and your business needs first. When you work with us, a real live person is assigned to you and handles your business with just as much care as you do.

Your job is to make great, American-made products; our job is to make great American-made packaging for your products.

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American Made Boxes
Superior Customer Service
Endless Customization Options

USA Made

Made in the USA

We manufacture our products right here in Elyria, Ohio. And yes, all of the boxes we sell are made in the U.S.A.!

From our raw materials to our manufacturing equipment, everything is made domestically, and our operations are proudly run by American workers.

We take great pride in supporting workers by paying fair wages and benefits and keeping our working environment clean and safe. Our engineers and equipment mangers are the heartbeat of our company, and they take pride in the quality craftsmanship they output.

With our tactful edge and over 25 years in business, we are able to do all of this competitively with great American service, quality, and attention to detail.

Warehousing Program

Save valuable space (and money) by allowing Brimar to warehouse your packaging for you.

Our clean, dry, temperature controlled warehouse is available to hold your boxes until you’re ready to release them.

Open up your warehouse space and use Brimar’s. Order in bigger volume, and pay a lot less for your boxes.
– Avoid increasing material costs
– Avoid labor cost increases
– NEVER run out of boxes again!

With approved credit, we can bill you only when we ship.
– We finance the inventory
– We insure the inventory

Call a Brimar team member today and learn about more creative ways we can save you money and space with our custom warehousing programs.

Box Warehouse

Long & Short Runs

Shipping Your Boxes

With Brimar, you can choose the order quantity that best suits your needs.

Regardless if you are a Mom and Pop shop or a Fortune 500 corporation, Brimar can deliver. Have us quote several quantities so you are comfortable placing your order with Brimar.

We understand that many applications require lower quantities. Maybe you are testing a product or just getting started. Maybe you are using the boxes for an event or marketing tool. Most custom packaging manufacturers will not manufacture orders under 5,000, but Brimar’s minimum quantity for most of our custom packaging products is 500 per size.

Brimar manufactures and stocks hundreds of different boxes you can buy by the case. We call this line of stock boxes our Wildcat line of products. You can shop our online store by clicking HERE.

We can also handle large quantity orders. Since we make millions of boxes per year, we can manufacture whatever large volume orders you require.


Brimar recognizes that the composition of our products offer a unique opportunity to focus on the global environment and prompted us to launch our eco-friendly products.

It’s our goal and corporate responsibility to promote both the re-usability and recycle ability of all of our products.
Our direction in recent years has been to design more boxes, as well as other packaging materials using over 93% post consumer waste while keeping our paper products 100% recyclable.