Many manufacturers look to overseas for their packaging needs because they don’t think they can afford custom American made boxes. We have found a way for American based manufacturers to not skimp and sacrifice on the quality of their packaging. Choosing the right American based packaging supplier can build revenue and improve your financial stability to boot!

How custom packaging affect brand awareness

Whether your products will sit on shelves, or they will be shipped directly to distribution centers, the packaging you choose will make in impact on how customers perceive your brand. In retail applications, it is vital that your packaging sets you apart from your competitors. An eye-catching box with a strong, durable feel in the hands will communicate that quality and craftsmanship has gone into your goods. This will create lasting effects and lead customers to come back again, and more importantly – recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Charge more and increase your profit margins

When a product gives off the feel of higher quality, customers feel comfortable spending more. Price perception also comes into play and can solidify confidence in buyers simply by adding higher-end packaging. When you increase the perceived value of your products, you can increase the MSRP of your product. Of course, your cost of goods sold will bump up, but with proper supply chain management, and a packaging partner that provides custom pricing, you can optimize your costs to an efficient level.

Go with an American supplier and save on shipping

One of the quickest ways to shave costs is by reshoring and localizing your supply chain. When you do this, not only do you support American workers and manufacturers, you also add savings to your margins by lowering your transportation costs and inventory carrying costs. The same way we’re encouraged to shop local in our communities, shopping domestically for a packaging partner does good for everyone involved.

Leverage your packaging supplier’s space

An added perk of working with an American packaging supplier is being able to easily access your boxes without having to take up space in your own facility. Customer-oriented packaging manufacturers will offer warehousing programs that allow you to use their space, only be billed when you pull product, and give you the ability to order in higher quantities and mitigate labor and material price fluctuations.

Dollars and Cents

Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices overseas. American-quality boxes made from American raw materials are unmistakable next to their offshore counterparts. If your products have been meticulously crafted, they deserve premium packaging with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship. Choosing a domestic packaging partner that guarantees the highest quality will trim your expenses in the long run and build your brand to be held with prestigious value.