Choosing a Custom Box or a Stock Box

The difference between Custom Boxes and Stock Boxes is easy to understand. Custom boxes are designed specially for a product with unique specs, and Stock Boxes come standard, usually in limited sizes, features, and colors.

When to Choose Custom Boxes

You don’t have to be a large manufacturer to afford and acquire premium custom packaging. Many small and mid-sized companies choose custom packaging every day because they understand the value and the return on investment. Sure, a custom box will cost you dollars per box versus cents, but the increase in value, durability, and function will pass through to your top line and improve your brand recognition.

Custom boxes put you in the driver’s seat, and they give you control of how you store, ship, and showcase your products. Custom boxes have long been established as a tried and true way to attract customers, offer confidence in their purchase decisions, and increase their customer retention.

You should consider a Custom Box if:

  • Your product is uniquely shaped and sized
  • Your packaging needs to meet special safe-handling requirements
  • You want to increase sales on store shelves
  • You want to differentiate yourself from competition
  • You want a high-end look
  • You want to increase the perceived value of your product and brand
  • Design and function are both equally important

When to Choose Stock Boxes

Stock boxes are a great alternative if you are operating your business in sprints or short runs. They also are well known as a budget-friendly option when you need to keep costs low.

Often, choosing a stock box is a steppingstone to a Custom Box run. If you are a younger business, if you are still working on improving your operating costs, or if you just need a simple box that functions well, a stock box is a great choice.

You should consider a Stock Box if:

  • You need a budget solution with the most bang for your buck
  • You can only afford to purchase small quantities at a time
  • You are a startup and want to run testing before committing
  • Graphic design is not as important as simple, functional boxes
  • You plan to adorn your boxes with stickers or labels in lieu of custom printing

Making the Right Decision

Choosing the right box for you and your business comes down to how you evaluate your needs right now. For some manufacturers, a stock box is a right-fit solution for packaging products. When budget and a simple box matter most, it’s the way to go.

When you need something with a little more specification and sophistication, a custom box is hands down the best option. Brimar Packaging specializes in manufacturing custom boxes – and all boxes are made here in the USA with 100% American made raw materials! 

Call a Brimar Custom Box Expert to chat through your specific needs or visit to instantly shop for high quality Stock Boxes made here in the USA too.