A belly band is a cardboard, die-cut and glued sleeve that wraps around a box. Common examples are candy boxes, fudge boxes, boutique gift boxes, and other retail boxes. They can be printed and foil stamped. They can also be any shape. Belly bands are possibly the most helpful packaging product in our industry.

Belly Bands Help Keep the Box Closed

Since 2-piece set up boxes open easily, the belly band will hold the lid on the box. This helps prevents theft, product tampering, and accidental spillage.

Belly Bands Help Identify Contents

Print the contents on the side like in the photo above to easily determine what is in each box. Some customers color code their belly bands to further differentiate between SKUs.

Belly Bands Help Project Your Brand

Add your logo to your belly band and make sure the belly band color projects your brand perfectly.

Belly Bands Help Increase Your Profit

Printing belly bands for many different SKUs is much less expensive than printing many different boxes. This simply increases your profit.


Sleeves can be made out of a variety of materials. Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is the most common retail grade printable material that is used when vibrant graphics are needed. However, we can also supply sleeves made out of kraft paperboard for that environmentally friendly look. There are also many colors of paperboard available in matte and gloss finishes that come with and without textures. A variety of coatings can also be added to sleeves to achieve the exact feel that projects your brand perfectly.


You can add any kind of graphics to your sleeves. They can be foil stamped. This graphic method is great when you want graphics added to a colorful sleeve material. The foil can be shiny metallic or a matte pigment. We can even emboss or deboss your sleeves.

If you would like colorful printed sleeves, then we can supply those too! We can print up to seven colors plus an aqueous on your sleeves. You are limited only by your imagination when creating the sleeves that perfectly project your brand.

Glue or Adhesive Strip

Brimar can ship your sleeves glued or with a peel-off adhesive strip.