Game Boxes

Brimar custom manufacturers custom game box packaging that will draw attention and look incredible on store shelves.

We have worked with a wide variety of game manufacturers from small concept inventors to some of the larger game manufacturing companies in the business.
Whether you’re a small manufacturer or you’re a global game manufacturer, Brimar can handle your job with ease.

When it comes to options and customization, you’re invited to think outside the box! Brimar prides itself in endless customization, so if you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

The board game industry is competitive, and we understand your game box needs to visually jump off the shelves to attract customers. From unique sizes to unlimited material, stamping, and printing options, we can help you build a box that drives sales and maximizes revenue.

As a custom box manufacture, not only do we specialize in making custom game box packaging, we also specialize in making custom box inserts for game boxes. Regardless of how many pieces and parts belong inside the box, we can also manufacture the inserts that hold it all together inside.

Let us help you build a game box for your latest and greatest game!

Gallery of Game Boxes