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Candy Box – Easter Eggs


Recently, a candy company approached Brimar to develop a line of chocolate egg candy boxes.  This particular company manufactures several different eggs.  They make Coconut Cream Eggs, Peanut Butter Eggs, and Peanut Butter Meltaway Eggs to name a few.  They wanted custom set-up boxes for each flavor even though some eggs were more popular than others. 

When we priced each flavor separately, the printing costs and machine set-up costs for each small order caused the boxes to be too expensive.  However, by printing the paper and running the boxes in one large combination order, we were able to make the boxes affordable.
Easter Egg Candy Box

Each custom candy egg box is white with simple, 2 color graphics on the cover.  Each flavor egg features 2 unique print colors so they are easily distinguishable when on the retail shelf.  The theory is so effective that salespeople in the retail store say customers ask for their favorite eggs by box color.  This also makes tracking inventory much easier.

Easter Egg Candy Box Satck

Brimar has helped many candy companies, both large and small, develop cost effective packaging lines.  There is more flexibility when developing a large volume candy box line.  Small candy companies have been able to enjoy the same professional, custom candy packaging by utilizing our creative staff and years of manufacturing experience.  Contact one of our customer care professionals to analyze your packaging needs today.


The company’s logo has been removed from the above boxes to protect our business from competitors.


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