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Choxie Candy Box

The ChoxieTM candy box was developed to sell in TargetTM.  They wanted to develop a gourmet candy presence in their store that started with a custom gourmet candy box.  The design they chose was a type of specialty set-up box called a neck box 
Choxie Box OpenedChoxie Box leftChoxie Box Front
The ChoxieTM candy box consists of an inner neck that features a rich, dark, chocolate, glossy brown paper on the outside.  The inside is retail grade white cardboard.


Along with the unique three-piece box design, the highlight of this custom candy box is the 5-color graphics.  The graphics on the candy box top and bottom are 4/color process plus 1 PMS color plus an aqueous coating. 

Choxie Candy Box Top Choxie Candy Box Bottom

These graphics provide an eye catching display while on the retail shelf. They use the bottom of the box to display the required nutritional information.  The inset photographic image of the candy shows exactly what the customer can expect to find inside the box.  Often, candy boxes use the bottom of the box to display nutritional information and other marketing messages that can make the cover unattractive.


The required weight information is “reversed out” in white on the cover.

Choxie Candy Box Weight
Overall, a very unique and high-end retail candy box, that was cost effective enough to sell in a large retail environment.
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