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Long And Short Runs

By choosing Brimar, you can choose the order quantity for your packages that best suits your needs. We sell to Mom and Pop shops as well as fortune 500 companies, so your order is neither too small nor too large.


At Brimar, we operate several types of equipment. Some lend themselves to run smaller volume packages by having fast set-up times and slower run speeds. Others are built for speed and large quantities of packages.

Many of our competitors have stringent volume minimums. At Brimar, we will gladly make the volume YOU desire. Typically, we will set machines to run packages when the volume exceeds 250 boxes. Less than 250 packages are made by hand.

Some of our competitors don't have the capacity for the largest package orders. At Brimar, we have multiple lines of machinery so whatever the volume, Brimar can deliver.


Since we are a custom package manufacturer, the more boxes you order, the less expensive your packages become. Allow one of our salespeople to quote a few quantities, so you are aware of the pricing structure of your package.


You can order as few or as many set-up boxes from Brimar as you would like. We have no quantity minimums on our set-up boxes. Box orders under 250 will be made by hand.


Like set-up boxes, you can order vinyl boxes at any quantity. We have no quantity minimums on our vinyl boxes. Box orders under 250 will be made by hand.


Slipcases can be ordered with no minimum quantity restrictions. Unlike set-up boxes or vinyl boxes, there is always some amount of hand labor when finishing our slipcases.


Specialty boxes have a minimum quantity requirement of 500 boxes. Typically, there is some hand finishing when we make your specialty boxes.


The inserts we make for your packages have no quantity limitations. We will match the quantity of your package order when we ship your inserts.

Regardless if you are a Mom and Pop shop looking for 250 set-up boxes or a Fortune 500 corporation looking for 2.5 million slipcases, Brimar can deliver. Have us quote several quantities so you are comfortable placing your order with Brimar.

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