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Central Location

With a maturing package market, we realize that it is becoming more difficult for you to locate manufacturers for your custom package. Logistically speaking, Brimar is positioned perfectly in the heart of the U.S., near Cleveland, Ohio. Whether your business is in California, New York, North Dakota, or Texas, Brimar has long-standing discounts with freight carriers that ship to your area.


If you think buying packages from a supplier out-of-state is not cost effective, you're wrong. Brimar Packaging is one of the most competitively priced package manufacturers in the nation. In 1998, we shipped 90% of our packages within Ohio. In 2003, while customers searched to reduce packaging costs, Brimar expanded by proudly shipping nearly half of our quality packages to customers in 30 different states. Nearly 25% of our packages were shipped to California, New York, and Texas combined. The trend we have noticed is that you will save money when you buy your packages from Brimar…even when the freight cost is considered.


Over the years, we have fought hard to reduce the freight costs associated with shipping packages. We have large, long-standing discounts with a wide variety of freight carriers that ship to every state in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. Our great freight discounts and our low unit costs allow us to compete nationally.


Because of our central location, Brimar is an ideal supplier when you need national distribution for your packages. Many of our customers have facilities or retail outlets in many states across the country. Our plant, in Ohio, can service your entire network more cost effectively than our coastal or southern competition.


Brimar has enjoyed steady growth while other U.S. manufacturers are eliminated by foreign competition. We are committed to developing new ways to manufacture our packages more efficiently to stay ahead of our global competition. Most buyers still realize the benefits of buying packages within the U.S. Uncertain quality, long lead-times, high freight costs, large custom costs, U.S. dock workers' strikes, and political and sociological unrest in foreign nations have all played a role in showing U.S. buyers that they are better off buying packages within U.S. borders whenever possible.

Brimar is keenly aware of the national and global packages markets. Our competitive pricing, central location, and large freight discounts, allow us to be your perfect choice for high-quality packages.

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