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Quality set-up boxes, also called rigid boxes or paper boxes, are Brimar’s specialty. Set-up boxes provide a durable, yet elegant package for any product. Since Brimar is a custom box manufacturer right in the heart of the USA, your options are limited only by your imagination. Brimar also stocks a large selection of boxes in a variety of sizes and colors. We call it our Wildcat line. So if you need a large volume of custom made set-up boxes or a smaller quantity from our Wildcat stock line, we are here to serve your business and help you save money and properly project your brand.


Set-up boxes are considered one of the most glamorous and high-end products in packaging. With a non-collapsible chipboard bottom and cover, they are one of the strongest, yet elegant styles of packaging available today. Popular examples of these boxes are game boxes, such as Monopoly®. Set-up boxes are made by specialized equipment that wraps paper around a chipboard tray. The paper wrap can be plain white, a solid color, a pattern, or elaborate custom graphics. It can be smooth or textured with a matte or gloss. It can even be made using metallic foil paper. Custom graphics, such as a logo or photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on any paper that is wrapped on a set-up box. Your options are endless, so ask your Brimar representative to explain all the options available. We will help you create the unique box that will help your product sell better than you ever thought possible.


Brimar’s set-up boxes are made by American employees with American made materials. Set-up boxes can be thin and lightweight or heavy and strong. They are the highest quality packaging available, and they add tremendous value to your product. They are labor friendly during a time when labor costs are at a premium. Set-up boxes also require no tooling to manufacture saving you initial investment capital and allowing you to make fast changes to respond to your customers’ needs.

Our factory is located in Avon, Ohio USA. We buy our paper, cardboard, and glue from American manufacturers too. Brimar survived the massive exodus of manufacturers from America over the past decade. We did this because our employees are some of the best, most dedicated, most trust worthy, and generous employees in the world, and we stuck with them through thick and thin. You too, will reward our American employees by buying Brimar set-up boxes. It is a great way to support American jobs. You will also be showing your customers that you care enough about our country and its workers by buying American made Brimar set-up boxes.

Brimar can manufacture set-up boxes so they feel thin, lightweight and elegant for pastries, fine linens, and items that require a delicate touch. We can also manufacture rigid set-up boxes so they feel thick, heavy, and almost indestructible to give your product protection or help add retail value by helping your customer realizing they are purchasing a product with substance and quality. Either way, set-up boxes are strong enough to protect a wide variety of products. We’ve successfully packaged crystal glassware, fine clothing, sensitive electronics, delicate candy and pastries, sharp knives, small industrial parts, and even fragile fossils in Brimar set-up boxes. Strong set-up boxes also add aftermarket value to your product. When you add your logo or contact information to your box, you're creating a sales tool. Because of your box's strength and durability, your customers typically save your set-up box to protect your product or to store other items for many years.

Many Brimar customers choose our set-up boxes because of our high quality. Your customers will consciously transfer the high quality of this box to your product, adding value and ensuring your customers that they are buying a quality product. If set-up boxes have one quality everybody can agree on, it is that they look fantastic. They have no unsightly, raw edges, and they won’t come apart like other, inferior styles of packaging. Brimar has manufactured stunning boxes for famous chefs, world famous clothing designers, best selling authors, and even three US Presidents.

Because set-up boxes ship to you already assembled, you will save the labor cost associated with other styles of packages because NO assembly is required. Today, labor costs play a huge role in the cost of many products. As labor costs skyrocket, set-up boxes can help ease the burden. With packages that ship flat, you will pay your work force to assemble each and every package. Not with set-up boxes. Pull a set-up box out of the carton, pack your product, and count your savings.

Lastly, there is no tooling required to manufacture Brimar set-up boxes. No tooling costs make these boxes ideal for small volume orders. If you are test marketing your product and don't want to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the cutting dies required to make other styles of custom packaging, then set-up boxes are the perfect solution. No tooling also equals flexibility. Changing the size of your box on a re-run will not require additional tooling costs.


Whether your product is a small bearing, a large jacket, or anything in between, Brimar’s machinery can handle the job. Your custom made set-up box can range from about 1-1/4”L x 3-4”W x ½”D to 22”L x 15”W x 7”D. Some sizes are tricky to manufacture cost effectively, so contact a Brimar representative to discuss your perfect dimensions.


When ordering set-up boxes, many factors will determine your order quantity. Space issues may be a determining factor. Perhaps you want to order a small amount for a test market. Maybe you need to place a large order to satisfy your largest customer. And finally, your box's unit cost may drive you to a particular quantity.

Brimar operates many different types of equipment. Some lend themselves to run smaller volume boxes by having fast set-up times and slower run speeds. Others are built for speed to manufacture large quantities of these boxes.

At Brimar, we have one of the lowest quantity minimums in the industry. Many of our competitors will only make 5,000 minimum. Brimar’s minimum is usually 500 boxes. This varies depending on your project specifications. However, just keep in mind that we will gladly make your small runs in hopes that you grow and allow us to run your larger volume set-up boxes in the future. If you need less than 500 boxes, then no problem. Brimar stocks a line of set-up boxes in a variety of sizes and colors. We call it our Wildcat line, and you can see them all HERE.


With plenty of warehouse space available at Brimar, you may want to order more boxes than you originally requested us to quote. When your order volume increases, your unit cost decreases dramatically. For example, if 1,000 set-up boxes are $0.50 each, then 5,000 may cost $0.20 each. Lower your set-up box cost by ordering more boxes on a "blanket order". You can then have partial shipments sent to you over a period of time, while Brimar stores the remaining balance in our warehouse.


Brimar services a wide variety of industries. We provide quality set-up boxes to both retail and industrial customers. Common examples of retail products that are packaged in these boxes are candy, cosmetics, stationary, jewelry, and apparel. Common examples of industrial products that are packaged in set-up boxes are tools, automotive, measuring devices, and building materials. Brimar also works closely with many marketing firms and advertising agencies to help them design the perfect boxes for their clients.


Both folding boxes (boxes that ship to you flat) and set-up boxes have benefits and drawbacks. Drawbacks of folding boxes are that they need to be assembled, they are structurally weak, they require cutting dies, and they have raw edges. Brimar's set-up boxes require no assembly, are strong and durable, require no tooling to manufacture, and have no raw edges.

Since Brimar has long-standing discounts with freight carriers and offers low cost warehousing programs, we have removed the typical drawbacks associated with set-up boxes.

The additional cost of labor to assemble folding boxes, along with the extra cutting die cost, often make folding boxes more expensive than set-up boxes.


Chipboard is the base substrate we use to manufacturer your set-up boxes. Thicknesses range from 0.030" to 0.100". Ask your Brimar representative what thickness will work best for your box. Knowing the weight of your product and how it will be packed in your box will help determine the thickness of the chipboard used.

Don't stop customizing your set-up box on the outside. Close attention should also be paid to the inside of your box. Brimar has four colors of chipboard to choose from that will be exposed on the inside of your box. From least expensive to most expensive, your choices are chip, white, chocolate, and black. Laminating the inside of your box with a colored or printed paper is also an option.


If chipboard is the skeleton for a set-up box, then the paper wrap is the skin. Your paper choices are endless. It can be plain white or have a theme or patterned print. It can be flat or textured. It can even be a foil paper or cloth. Custom graphics, such as a logo or photographic image, can be printed or foil stamped on any paper or foil that is wrapped on a set-up box.

Brimar has many papers and foils in stock at all times. If your volume is small, then choose a stock paper for the most cost effective set-up box. Our paper inventory is dynamic, which means there are no standard papers in stock for boxes. However, there are many papers that we traditionally have on the floor. Ask your Brimar sales representative which papers are available. We will gladly send you samples to help you decide which paper you like best.

Plain Gloss Paper

For a bright, clean appearance, choose a plain gloss paper for your box. There are several shades of every major color available. If the perfect shade is not available, then you can print white paper to exactly match the color you desire. Your set-up box will look classy and clean when you choose a plain gloss paper.

Plain Matte Paper

For a natural, soft appearance, choose a plain matte paper for your box. There are several shades of every major color available. If the perfect shade is not available, then you can print white paper to exactly match the color you desire. Your set-up box will look earthy and elegant when you choose a plain matte paper.

Foil Paper

Foil papers are unmatched for their elegance. When your box needs to look delicate and classy, choose a plain or embossed foil paper. Foils are available in many colors, embossing patterns, and finishes. Bright foils add a clean, modern look, while dull foils will make your box look soft and delicate.

Embossed Paper

Any paper or foil can have a texture or embossing pattern. A texture will give your set-up box a specific feel and appearance. Deeper embossing patterns will give your set-up box a heavier feel, while subtle embossing patterns offer a delicate feel. Add a leather, linen, groove, or other embossing pattern to give your set-up box a specific look.

Theme and Patterned Paper

Choose from thousands of theme or patterned papers. Theme papers for set-up boxes are as abundant as giftwrap. Birthday, Christmas, patriotic, animal, sports, and baby themes are just a few examples of the thousands of theme papers available for your box. Patterned papers for these boxes are equally as abundant. Stripes, florals, polka dots, marbles, leathers, and many more patterns are available to give your box a custom look without the added expense of custom graphics.

When combining specialty papers with a variety graphics, you can create a unique appearance for your box that will add value and distinction to your product line.


Graphics can make or break your set-up box. Add a simple, one-color line art logo or a vibrant, four-color photographic image to your box. Brimar Packaging offers process printing, foil stamping, and embossing for your set-up box, inside and out. Plus varnish, aqueous, UV coatings, and film lamination can be added if needed. The options for your box are limited only by your imagination.
Process Printing
You can add graphics to your set-up box with conventional printing. One or two color line art on white or colored paper is most cost effective. But it's the rich, four-color process, photographic images on your box that catches the consumers' eye.
Foil Stamping
Add a look of distinction to your set-up box with foil stamping. With foil stamping, you can achieve a brilliance that cannot be duplicated with ink. A wide spectrum of matte, gloss, metallic, or holographic foils are available. Combine the perfect foil color with one of thousands of colored, patterned or theme papers to achieve a look that fits your corporate image.
Through embossing, Brimar can add texture by raising your graphics off your box. You can add any pigmented or shiny foil stamping on top of the embossing, or keep it "blind" for a classic, elegant appearance. Blind embossing is the creation of a raised image that is not foil stamped, and the resulting raised image is the same color as the paper. Create a picture through texture with blind embossing. Embossing your box will add value and class.
You can add a layer of protection or a gloss or matte finish to your set-up box by coating the printed wrap. Choices of coatings include varnish, aqueous, UV or film lamination. For simple logos, varnish often adds enough extra protection to prevent the printing from rubbing off your set-up box. Aqueous coating is a harder coating and offers the protection needed on heavy print coverage. UV coating really makes the difference by making the images pop off the paper. Film lamination is used to provide protection when no other coating will do.

Adding graphics will increase your product's value, communicate product information, establish brand recognition, convey marketing messages, and separate your product from your competitors'. Why settle for a plain "box", when graphics can be added for a minimal charge to create a great "package"!


A set-up box consists of a chipboard bottom and a cover. To close a box, the cover "telescopes" over the bottom. A cover that extends down and completely covers the bottom is called a "full-telescope" cover. Since Brimar is a custom manufacturer of boxes, we can make the cover any depth you desire. Short lids may make your box look more like a shoebox or jewelry box. Full-telescope lids may make your box look more like a apparel box or presentation box.

Opening a full-telescope, set-up box can sometimes be difficult. Thumbcuts, or thumbholes, can be added to the cover to help open a full-telescope box. A slightly shallower cover would also make your box easier to open. There is no standard lid depth.

Many customers request one color paper wrap for the cover of their set-up box and another color for the bottom. This mixing of paper colors can add a unique and interesting appearance to an otherwise plain box. Exposing more or less of the bottom of your box can also change its appearance. Ask your Brimar sales representative what lid depth is typically used in your industry.


For that extra special touch, add paper lamination to the inside of your box. Any paper, foil, or cloth can easily be added to the inside of your box. You can even have graphics added to the material we laminate inside. Print your game instructions inside the cover of your box or add your logo for brand recognition.


There is no tooling required to manufacture set-up boxes. If your box has custom graphics, there will be added printing plate costs or foil stamping dies. However, set-up boxes do not require costly cutting dies. To make a set-up box, wood "forms" are made to the exact dimensions of your box. Since Brimar has thousands of forms in stock and an onsite tool room, you won't pay for forms. No tooling costs make set-up boxes ideal for small volume orders. If you are test marketing your product and don't want to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the cutting dies required to make other styles of custom packaging, then these boxes are the perfect solution. No tooling also equals flexibility. Changing the size of your box on a re-run will not require additional tooling costs.


When a regular set-up box is not special enough for your product, ask a Brimar representative how you can add options to create a truly unique package. If a standard box won't do, click on the following link for more details regarding specialty boxes.



Designing set-up boxes is a Brimar specialty. Since we are a custom manufacturer of boxes, we are highly trained in the structural design of our products. Whether you're an ad agency with your own design staff or an inventor with little packaging knowledge, Brimar will help you decide which box options best suit your needs.

Your corporate image and sales demographics, along with your sales outlets and your shipping methods are a few factors Brimar's highly trained staff will use to design your set-up box. Too often these boxes are treated as merely a box to move your product from point A to point B. When we design your set-up box, our staff is trained to view your boxes as a tool to increase your sales and profitability.

Many times, custom samples need to be produced to ensure that you are comfortable with what you are buying. Will the box being quoted be strong enough? Will the box be large enough to hold your product, yet small enough to fit on the retailer's shelf? These are a few questions that can easily be answered by creating a custom-made box sample. Most of the time, custom samples are free. Occasionally, there will be a charge associated with a custom set-up box sample.

Perhaps an existing sample of a set-up box from our sample department will suffice. Existing box samples will be sent out free of charge by UPS or FedEx Ground service.

Samples of our materials will also be sent out free of charge by UPS or FedEx Ground service. If you need to see available papers, foils, or board colors, then we would be glad to send you samples to help you decide what materials will be used to make your set-up box.


Set-up boxes ship assembled. However, your limited warehouse space shouldn't make you settle for other, inferior styles of flat boxes. Store your top quality boxes at Brimar. Take advantage of quantity discounts, special financing, finished goods insurance, and inventory control by allowing Brimar to store your boxes and release all or part of your boxes only when you need them.

Since set-up boxes ship already assembled, you'll save the countless labor hours associated with other products that ship to you flat.

Before you place your order, our salespeople can tell you exactly how your boxes will be packed. Knowing how many cartons or pallets your set-up box order consists of is essential when determining if your warehouse space will fill beyond your expectations. If space is an issue, then you can store your boxes at Brimar.


Brimar is a custom manufacturer of set-up boxes. We do not carry any stock items. However, we partner with a few stock box companies.  One of which is Wildcat Wholesale LLC.  Check them out HERE.  Brimar's boxes are so competitively priced, that often times, we can compete against stockboxes. Our lead-times are ranked among the best in the industry. Lead-times vary depending on our production schedules, but set-up boxes usually take 3-4 weeks to manufacture. If you need a small volume of boxes and cannot find exactly what you need as a stock item, then please allow Brimar to prepare a quotation for a custom set-up box solution.

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